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celebrate winter magic at Winterberry

Winterberry Winter Faire, 11 am to 3 pm, Saturday, February 3, 2024

This “friendraiser” event invites the Anchorage community to celebrates the joys of winter at Winterberry.

For many, it’s the first time they step foot into our school and the fun factor is high. Classes and WPG coordinate jump rope making, live music, indoor games and outdoor winter activties, craft corners. Entire classrooms are decorated to reveal magical realms. A classroom cafe serves food and drinks to fortify friends for a full day of festivities. Volunteers sell baked treats and tickets, game rooms and traffic flow. Organizers are actively planning 2024 Winter Faire (more details coming soon).

It’s an “all hands on deck” event that warms the wintry soul.


Make magic on a live stage. Sing or play your instrument. Invite other musicians and bands to play! Students and adults warmly welcomed.

Point of Sale

Staff the store or sell gems (tickets). Donate handmade crafts to the school store, (tiny knit purse/pouches or small items for $2-$5) to help WPG. Sew and fill gem bags.


Teach a 30 min. workshop. Dye silks, watercolor, nature journal, DIY natural cleaners, kite paper stars, lanterns, wet felting. Some supplies available.


Stroll the campus with your walkie-talkies to ensure indoor and outdoor safety. Direct traffic in the parking lot. Guide the flow with your warm, welcoming presence.


Donate homemade baked goods and treats to Eighth Grade Trip funraising booth. Package to sell in $2-$5 bags.

Auction Tickets

Get a discounted rate on your Winterberry Spring Auction tickets when you purchase them at Winter Faire. Save the date for auction, April 13.

Many hands make light work!

Each class is focused on one area of the event, and volunteers are needed for event-wide efforts too.

Participants purchase gems individually or in bags of 10 and 20. 1 gem = $1. Cash and Credit Cards Accepted. Use gems to pay for crafts, games, face-painting, baked goods and more starting at $1.​


School Store
Gem Sales

Coat Check


CAFE rice & beans
Coffee/Tea station
Face Painting
Quiet Room 
MPR: All-ages Live Music


Grade 8 Bake Sale

Magic Tunnel

Art & Craft Workshops

Simple Kid Crafts

Jump Rope Making

Epic Games Room


Fire Pit, S'mores, Cocoa

Ice Castle

Games: Ring Toss

Games: Feed the Bear

Games: Lumber Walks

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