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WPG members 2023-24

Come together to solve problems, promote communications within the Winterberry community as a whole, discuss issues and to help decide where outside financial contributions are best spent.

WPG ELECTIONS: 6-8 pm, APRIL 4, 2024 at Winterberry

Thank you outgoing president Erin Schneider for leading WPG since 2021.

Officer Members

President: Erin Schneider
(seeking replacement 4/2024)

email president

Vice President: Liane Erickson

email VP

Treasurer: Lauren Perry

email treasurer

Secretary: Kelly DuFort

email secretary

Fundraising Chair: Jessica Gardner

email fundraising chair

WPG/WCC Liaison: Nick Perry

email liaison

Class Representatives

Hybrid Program Rep: Gina Merlino

Alternate: Emma Furlong


Kindergarten Rep: Colleen Heaney-Mead

Alternate: Stephanie Cloud


Grade 1 Rep: Kristen Dilley

Alternate: McKenzie Holm

Grade 2 Rep: Katharine Curra-Spurger

Alternate: Ashley Cummins

Alternate: Katie Hubbard


Grade 3 Rep: Chris Judge

Alternate: Kira Rafuse


Grade 4 Rep: Lena Morgan

Alternates: Gaby Shelton and Mary Alexander


Grade 5 Rep: Jess Henderson

Alternate: Jenn Owens


Grade 6 Rep: Sue Armstrong

Alternate: vacant


Grade 7 Rep: Rachel Lance

Alternate: Crystal Reeves

Grade 8 Rep: Benjamin Uffenbeck

Alternate: vacant

Faculty Members

Principal: Julie Pepe-Phelps

Faculty Rep: Tomas Jensen

Paid Recording Secretary: Amy Hayes

"We allocate funds to develop great Winterberry teachers who serve our school and the wider world. We operate from a place of abundance and generosity and we make decisions with care and prudence. We show our gratitude by being practical, wise and frugal with what WPG has been given."

– Former WPG president Oona Martin, paraphrasing preceding WPG president Craig Lyon


Representative term: one year
Each class shall elect a primary and alternate representative, and determine its method of selecting its representative. Typically the alternate becomes the main representative the second year. A new alternate is chosen. Representatives serve as the conduit of communication between each class and WPG. 

Officer term: two years
The executive team includes six officer positions. Elections traditionally happen during the regular WPG meeting in April. Odd year elections: president, treasurer, WPG/WCC liaison. Even year elections: vice president, secretary, fundraising chair.
Learn more about officer roles and responsibilities.
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