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GARDEN funds 12 staff in 17 Waldorf summer trainings

Winterberry grows great teachers
and great teachers grow inspired, engaged kids.
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more than 85% of Winterberry families gave an amount equal to the value they place on this tuition-free, holistic, Waldorf-inspired education in 2023.

  • $120 per student gets us quickly to our target. Consider $10-$20 per student, per month. 
  • Full 100% participation is key to winning grants. Donate any amount $5 to $5,000!

Your personal, financial support is the reason Winterberry students can enjoy the unique learning experience you depend on every day.

Since 2005, our school community has made a strong commitment to fund continuing professional development and Waldorf training and certification for our teachers. One BIG way we do this is through WPG’s fall annual fundraising campaign. Please make GARDEN a successful effort by contributing. Invite alumni, friends, family, grandparents, colleagues and education supporters to join you!

Teachers say ...

​Give children the gift of inspired teachers.

Waldorf teachers typically progress with their students from Grade 1 through Grade 8, building relationships with each student and tailoring Waldorf-inspired lessons to the evolving needs of the class. That's why many of the school's dedicated faculty devote time to ongoing professional development training. Contributions to GARDEN ensure they’re ready to provide this high-quality education to their class as they grow together year to year.

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WPG allocated funds for 12 teachers to participate in 17 learning modules in 2024. THANK YOU!

Prefer to donate with cash or check to "Winterberry Parent Guild"? Visit the school lobby for a donation envelope and drop box. Your GARDEN donations fund online and in-person Waldorf-inpsired teacher training and some related expenses. Occasionally, GARDEN contributions have been used to offset school needs, projects or programming in service of the students of Winterberry.

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