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Support Waldorf-inspired learning

that truly honors the experience of childhood.

WPG supports Winterberry Charter School and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the School. This includes raising money for Waldorf teacher training and certification. When necessary, the Guild also works to supplement program needs and cover gaps in funding. (​Our public charter school budget covers teacher salaries/benefits, most classroom materials and facility needs.) The Guild coordinates two main fundraising efforts each year: GARDEN annual October giving campaign and spring "Head, Heart, Hands" auction.

Give to fall GARDEN giving campaign.
Attend spring auction. Share your PFD.

Contributions to GARDEN ensure teachers are ready to provide this high-quality education to their class as they grow together. Auction also supports Waldorf professional development for faculty and staff in addition to sometimes supporting student activities and classroom needs.

Give on the go year-round to WPG  |  ​ Fred Meyer Community Rewards 

Give children inspired teachers.

All teachers must be certified to teach in the State of Alaska. Additionally, Winterberry teachers need specialized Waldorf training to offer the “head, heart, hands,” whole-person education that allows our children to flourish. It’s an education steeped in beauty, reverence and the wonders of the natural world. Winterberry teachers allow for the gentle unfolding of each child and feed an innate love of learning through connection, presence, play and storytelling.


Waldorf teachers typically progress with their students from Grade 1 through Grade 8.

They build relationships with each student and tailor Waldorf curriculum to the evolving needs of the class from year to year. That's why many of the school's dedicated faculty devote time during the summer to ongoing professional development training. Donate to GARDEN in October to ensure teachers are ready to provide this high-quality education every year.

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