Q. Can I donate online?
A. Yes! Click here for instructions and for the link to donate securely through Paypal.

Q. What is GARDEN and why are all the letters capitalized?
A. Give Annually; Reap Dreams; Educate and Nurture.
GARDEN is an acronym – an easily-recognizable name that’s been given to Winterberry Parent Guild’s annual giving campaign.

Q. What does the money from GARDEN pay for?
A. Each summer, teachers continue their professional training with an “Art of the Grades” course that prepares them for the challenge of teaching the entire upcoming years’ worth of new material across all academic subjects as they move up with their class.  We also have on-going educational needs for our Specialty teachers such as Kindergarten, Handwork, Movement, Music and Spanish.

Our Teachers typically seek Waldorf specific training at Colleges such as Rudolf Steiner in California.

Training our teachers is critical for maintaining the extraordinarily high-quality instruction our children receive. Teachers who are new to Waldorf education take foundational courses on the philosophy and teaching methods. They may also observe and be mentored by highly experienced teachers in the Lower 48.

If we do not use all funds raised during GARDEN for Teacher Training, please know that WPG will carefully allocate it to fund online teacher training, and to offset classroom needs or projects in service of the students of Winterberry.  With current travel restrictions, training opportunities are limited. 

Q. How much money does it take to train the teachers?
A. Historically, the WPG has consistently spent between $20k-$35k per year on training and school support. This amount can vary slightly depending on what courses are available and what teachers need but it has maintained a steady average over the years.

Q. Is this the same as the Supply Fee?
A. Nope.  Supply Fees are due at registration and are collected by the administration and used to purchase the materials and supplies specific to our Waldorf curriculum. 

Please ask yourself, have you paid your student’s $100 supply fee yet?  Not sure?  Just ask at the front desk!
Fees can either be paid by writing a check and giving it to Ms. Colleen at the front desk or online through your Zangle account.  If you have forgotten your PIN and password, contact Ms. Colleen

Q. Aren’t public schools funded by the state and local property taxes? Why do you need to fundraise?
A. Winterberry Parent Guild's mission "to support the Winterberry Charter School and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the School." directly supports the raising of funds for Waldorf teacher training

We are a public charter school, chartered both with the State and with Anchorage School District.  It is better for our teachers and the students they serve to keep the training funding need with WPG and the salary/benefits and materials with our school/WCC budget. 

Q. Isn’t there a better way to fundraise?
A. GARDEN is a major part of WPG fundraising.  It is worth noting that this is the only fundraiser for which volunteer time, materials or skills are not required. The ask is simply for 100% community participation and any donation contributed in your family’s name counts toward that goal. You may not even need to get out your own checkbook! Some creative options to leverage participation include maxing out employer matching donations, appealing to friends, petitioning grandparents and talking to business contacts. Think of people you know who are invested in your student’s success and/or simply need a tax write off to a good cause. (That’s right! The WPG is a 501(c)3 organization – all donations are tax-deductible!)

Q. How much should I donate?
A. In the past, the WPG has gratefully accepted donations of any amount from $5 to $500 and beyond! It has been suggested that $120 per student keeps us on target but in truth, the amount is far less important than that our entire community participates. High community participation can impact our access to grants and future funding opportunities so 100% is a number we strive for and are proud to achieve. Last year, 80% of our community participated in the GARDEN initiative. Good work, Winterberry! We’re aiming to beat that rate for 2019!

Q. Okay, you’ve convinced me. How do I contribute?
A.  Wonderful! You may donate by any of the methods below:

  • Online – follow the link to PayPal

  • At the GARDEN Display Table in the School Lobby using cash or check.

  • By mail to: Winterberry Charter School, Attn: WPG Treasurer, 4802 Bryn Mawr Court, Anchorage, AK 99508 – please include a donor form with your gift. You may download and print a form by clicking here.

For a smaller school like Winterberry, the enormous impact of community donations profoundly affects our children’s educational experiences.

Please know that your contribution is truly significant in directly supporting, strengthening, and enriching our school.  

G.A.R.D.E.N. Annual Giving Campaign
Frequently Asked Questions
Our goal is 100% community participation. 
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Did you know that Pick Click Give contributions are included in our participation rates?  

Thank YOU!

Thank you for helping our vibrant school continue to grow and flourish! 

Your financial investment will yield rich returns!

Iris Hilsinger

2020 WPG GARDEN Initiative Coordinator