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Support our Teachers and School Needs!

Please Give an Amount Equal to the Value You Place on the Unique Waldorf-Inspired Learning Experience You've Chosen.

Since 2005, our school community has made a strong commitment to fund continuing professional development and Waldorf training and certification for our teachers.


One BIG way we do this is through WPG’s fall annual fundraising campaign. Please make GARDEN a successful effort by contributing. And invite alumni, friends, family, grandparents, colleagues and education supporters to join you!

Your personal, financial support is the reason Winterberry students
can enjoy the holistic, tuition-free education you depend on every day.
Consider a recurring contribution of $10-20 per student, per month.

Donate throughout October.

Full 100% participation is key to winning grants.
$120 per student gets us quickly to our target 
Donate any amount $5 to $5000

Click Donate to contribute securely via PayPal.

WPG may allocate GARDEN donations to fund online and in person teacher training, and/or to offset school needs or projects in service of the students of Winterberry.

Online Donations are encouraged but of course, you may also fill out  a donation envelope and pay cash or check (payable WPG or Winterberry Parent Guild) in the school lobby.


and Great Teachers Grow Joyful, Creative Kids.


GIVE & Enjoy our Annual Spring Auction!

At this time, we are anticipating an IN PERSON event. 

SAVE THE DATE for April 15th, 2023

Enjoy a fun, fancy evening of generosity on display!

Volunteer to help with your Class Auction Project:

Give time, materials, or other resources to create a beautiful class offering.
Contribute Donations:

Personally procure at least three (3) items for the auction (item or service, discount or deal from your family or business).

Year-Round Passive Fundraising

It really helps!

Login to and Select
Winterberry Parent Guild

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Fred Meyer Community Rewards;

Pick Click Give

Easy Ways to Give
Passive Fundraisin

Why do we need to fundraise?

Winterberry Parent Guild's mission "to support the Winterberry Charter School and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the School." directly supports the raising of funds for Waldorf teacher training and other school needs.  We also supplement program needs (such as uniforms, sewing machines, etc...) to cover gaps in funding. 

  1. We have on-going educational needs for our teachers who change grades each year (and ones who train in special elements of Waldorf schools like Kindergarten, Handwork, Movement, Music and Spanish)

  2. We typically seek Waldorf specific training at Colleges such as Rudolf Steiner in California.

  3. We are a public charter school, chartered both with the State and with Anchorage School District.  It is better for our teachers and the students they serve to keep the training funding need with WPG and the salary/benefits and materials with our school/WCC budget. 


Our school's excellence is supported by our community commitment to provide financial support to our teachers as they pursue ongoing Waldorf Training, education and certification. The WPG coordinates two main fundraising efforts (G.A.R.D.E.N Annual Giving Campaign & the Spring HHH Auction) in support of Teacher Training and other school needs.

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