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Many hands make light work.

Help Weave Us Into A Strong, Healthy Community

It's Time for Play Yard Improvements! 

Come together to build a cherished space for social, natural, imaginative and inclusive play at Winterberry!

Through rain, shine, snow and sleet, Winterberry students love being outside.  Together, we have maximized the daily use of our play yard.  Quite frankly: it’s been loved to bits.

We need your help and financial support to fix the play yard and to finish it, so we can provide an innovative, sustainable yard that stimulates the rich outdoor imaginative play that children need to grow.  We’ve done the legwork, the planning, the relationship-building, and we’re ready to go

Learn more about the Winterberry Play Yard Project by clicking the following links:

Friends of Winterberry Play Yard website

GoFundMe for Winterberry Play Yard Improvements

Learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities by reading the weekly Winterberry Business newsletter. 

THANK YOU for stepping forward to serve!
Meet: 6-8pm 1st Thursdays
August - May. 

Meetings will be held either in person at school or virtually via zoom. Check the Winterberry School Calendar for updates.  Links to the virtual meetings are shared via the Winterberry Business email list or via your Class Rep. 

Support the school and its teachers for the betterment of our students.

Join us! Talk to your student’s teacher or to a WPG member about serving as a Class Representative.

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Stay Socially Connected





Ask to Join: Friends of Winterberry Private Group

Make sure you are getting the school emails.

Make sure you are getting emails from your Student's teacher.

Call the School with questions.

Ms. Colleen: 907-742-0139

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