Many hands make light work.

How can I make a difference in my school community?
Help Weave Us Into A Strong, Healthy Community
ELECTIONS are postponed out of grace for our current situation. We will still be seeking interested individuals for the positions of President, Treasurer, and Fundraising Chair.   Notices will be posted here and via Emails either by class, or all-school notices.
Meet: 6-8pm 1st Thursdays Each Month
Future Meetings may be held virtually.  Stay Tuned.

Support the school and its teachers for the betterment of our students.

Join us! Talk to your student’s teacher or to a WPG member about serving as a Class Representative, Event Chair or Volunteer Coordinator this year on our non-profit Parent Guild.

"I came into my position with little experience on the WPG or non-profit experience - I only had a desire to learn and help.   I have grown much as an individual in this role and I hope that to be the case for another." ~ Oona Martin, WPG President Fall 2017-current


Stay Tuned

Festival Of Courage Thurs. Sept. 26th
G.A.R.D.E.N. Annual Giving   Month of October
Lantern Walk Friday, Nov. 15th
*New Winterberry Bazaar* Saturday, Nov.16th*
Festival of Light &  Spiral Walks December
Winter All-School Assembly Fri. Dec. 13th
Winter Faire Saturday, Jan. 25th
Ski Day Thursday, February 27th
Head, Heart & Hands Auction Sat. April 11th
8th Grade Grad. Wed. May 20th
May Fest Thursday, May 21st 
Student's Last Day Thurs. May 21st 

Volunteering doesn't only make things easier for everyone, it contributes to a vibrant, connected community that is rooted in friendship and shared values.  Your hard work matters!

We'd love to hear from you.

Make sure you are getting the school emails.

Make sure you are getting emails from your Student's teacher.

Call the School with questions.

Ms. Colleen: 907-742-0139

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Receive the children in reverence, Educate them in love, Let them go forth in freedom.
~Rudolf Steiner


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