Volunteering for this event is incredibly rewarding!
You get to make new connections with parents and students from different grades in a totally fun environment. 

Winter Faire, Saturday, January 25th – 11am-4pm
The Winterberry Community comes together to celebrate and showcase our beautiful school!
Many hands make this wonderful event possible!

About the event:   Admission is free.   Craft, games, face-painting, baked goods and more for all ages starting at 1$.   At arrival, you can purchase gems individually or in 10 and 20 increments.  1 gem = 1$.  Cash is preferred. Credit Cards Accepted.

Volunteer Sign-ups will be posted in the lobby! Plan ahead to see how you could spend your time. 
We will need help with Lobby/Gem sales, Pocket Lady, Game Room Shifts - 5th-8th grade students are encouraged to take shifts.  Please contact Oona Martin if you have any questions about Volunteering. or call/text (907) 306-3457

Musicians! Would you like to help make magic in our music room? We would love to hear you sing or play your instrument! 
Know a musician? please invite them to come play for us. Students and adults are both warmly welcomed to participate. Please contact Katie Judge

Storytellers! Have a story for little ones to share? Please contact Rayna Swanson We are considering adding Storytelling if there is interest.

Crafters! Craft workshop room - Would you would like to teach a 30 min. workshop? contact Donna Mears - for 30 minute time slots and more info. Schedule Coming Soon 

Bakers! - plan ahead to send your baked items packaged ready to sell in $1-2 to help 8th grade raise money for their 8th grade trip. 

Gem Bags!: If you would be willing to sew a dozen (or less) 4x4" bags to include with Gem Sales, Click Here for instructions.  


Face Painting Artists! We want to thank and recognize our wonderful professional artist sisters Traci and Reasha Hartz who have painted so many faces over the years. Unfortunately they are out of town this year, so we are looking for volunteer artists to help with face painting. Materials will be provided. 

School Store:   Focused primarily on supporting our Waldorf curriculum, we have materials, art supplies, beeswax, books and more.  We also offer special crafts made by the community. The School Store will be open for Winter fair, and welcomes donations of small crafts, like tiny knit purse/pouches or other small items to sell for $1-3 to help raise money for the store and school. Contact Kira Rafuse;  

Please Consider Learning to Mastermind this event. This is Oona and Jessica's last year co-coordinating and we would love to share what we've learned.

Support Fundraising Efforts: Proceeds go towards their 8th grade trip
8th Grade Bake Sale 

7th Grade Crafts Room

6th Grade Beeswax Wraps and Plant Sale

5th Grade Coat Check



School Store Sale
Gem Sales

Coat Check

3rd Grade room: CAFE serving rice, beans, and chips and salsa.
2nd Grade Room: Cafe Overflow
1st Grade Room: Jumprope Making & Facepainting
Kindergarten; Nursery/Quiet Room 
Hybrid Room – Storytelling suitable for young children.
Multi-Purpose Room: Musical Acts - adults, students alike!

Gnome & FairyLand Tunnel

Craft Workshops
Dragon’s Lair’ all ages craft room.
Games Room #1 : Feed the Bear, Balloon Boat Regatta and Fish Pond
Games Room #2: Beanbag Toss and Slingshot
8th Grade Bake Sale