About the Winterberry Parent Guild (WPG)

Who are we and what does the WPG do?

We are a mix of parents and teachers dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Winterberry Parent Guild.

We work together to raise money, hold fun events and fill gaps in the schools funding for school activities. 

As the parent-teacher organization, we are a non-profit that provides financial support to Winterberry Charter School through fundraising and events. 


The WPG is a parents’ group; its mission is to support the Winterberry Charter School and its teachers for the betterment of the children attending the School.

The WPG meetings are at 6:00 p.m. at the school on the first Thursday of every month and everyone in the school community is encouraged to attend as often as possible.  

Elections for Officer Positions take place in March and April.  You are welcome to attend any meeting to learn how our meetings are conducted.  WPG Meetings are not typically held in June or July.  

WPG Officers: 
Positions that may be up for election or appointment include: 

  • Even Years:  President, Treasurer, WCC/WPG Liaison. 

  • ODD Years Secretary, Fundraising Chair and Vice President

WPG Class Representatives are elected by classrooms however/whenever the class chooses to do so. Representatives and Alternates typically serve for a 2 year commitment and expected to help recruit and train a replacement after their commitment is up.  

Current 2021-2022 Members

Parent Volunteer Executive Board
WPG President:  Erin Schneider  G6 & Alumni parent
Vice-President:  Tapia Stover (G1 parent)
Treasurer:  Liz Ozorio  (G3 parent)
Secretary:  Kelly DuFort (G4 & G1 parent)
Fundraising: Jennifer Slater-Sursa (G7 parent)

WPG/WCC Liaison:  Jessie Menkens (G6 & Alumni parent)

*Note that we are actively looking for Event Chair(s) for WinterFaire and Auction Team members*

Parent Volunteer Class Representatives & Alternates
(1 Vote per class.)

Hybrid Class:  VACANCY & VACANCY

Kindergarten Reps:   VACANCY & VACANCY

1st Grade Reps:  Kim Dotson & VACANCY

2nd Grade Reps:  Lauren Perry, Gaby Shelton & Kelsey Budzak
3rd Grade Reps:  Aubree Wattenbarger & VACANCY

4th Grade Reps:  Andrew Kastning & Calisa Kastning
5th Grade Reps:  Crystal Reeves & Eric Judge
6th Grade Reps:  Neal Stanbury and Benjiman Uffenbeck
7th Grade Reps:  Carrie Harris & VACANCY
8th Grade Reps:  Heather Allen & Kylara Hollingsworth

Faculty and Ex-Officio Positions
Faculty Rep:  Lorrie Miner
Recording Secretary:  Molly Towner (paid/shared with WCC/Faculty)
Principal:  Julie Pepe-Phelps (non-voting)

Sending big-time gratitude to outgoing President Oona Martin, Vice President Julie Calcote, Fundraising Chair Jessica Gardner and Treasurer Trina McBride. Your presence, energy and countless contributions make us a stronger school community.