Winter Faire 2020 Event Coordinator

Job Description: The Winter Fair Coordinator (or co-coordinators) initiate the event with email and phone coordination, delegates room activities to established Activity and Game coordinators. 

Good to know:  You would be the point of contact for general questions and will need to feel comfortable making decisions that benefit the school (with support from WPG leadership).  It is easiest to begin planning in late November, with a light but specific list of tasks and work load as you get up to speed and gain commitments from past activity leads.   

Contact us and let us know you're willing to help.

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

As you can imagine, event planning can be intense as it has lots of moving pieces and volunteers to figure out, so being organized and responsive really helps.  

This is the LAST YEAR that Oona and Jessica will co-coordinate and we would love to teach you what we know!

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  –Anne Frank
2020 Auction Team Members Needed

Job Description: The Auction Team Coordinator (or co-coordinators) initiate the event with email and phone coordination.  

Our school Auction is a large but rewarding event that brings in a lot of love and support for our community and school. 

Committed Team Members are KEY!  We are so lucky to have some returning Team Members but we need a few more to spread the work around. 

Good to know:   Once the Venue and Food decisions are made (asap), it is all about Donations, Ticket Sales and Communicating our needs to the community.  It is easiest to begin preliminary planning in late November/Early December to make the early decisions and set up the website so that the Auction is ready to launch after Winter Faire. 

The work load is mostly tending to donations, making phone calls, communicating to the team. and encouraging ticket sales as we approach Auction Day.  

The week before the Auction is Busy.

Here is an Overview of Auction 2019

Updated List of Auction Team Members

Auction Event Planner: VACANT

Event Communications and Advertising: VACANT
Donations Solicitation Coordinator: Kira Rafuse
Donations Receiving Manager and Silent Auction Data Entry: VACANT
Donations Acknowledgment and Thank You team: VACANT

Graphic Artist: Kelly DuFort
Ticket Sales and Website Manager:  VACANT

Class Baskets Coordinator: VACANT