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Winterberry Master Calendar

Winterberry hosts events for students and families celebrating seasonal rhythms.  Offer the gift of your presence and participation.  Weave us into a strong, healthy community.

You can add this calendar to your digital calendar so you don't miss a thing!

To add the Winterberry calendar to your devices, click the link and follow the instructions. 

For updates to the calendar, please contact School Office Manager

Shana Garrels

Winterberry Events
Anticipating 2023 Spring Auction
APRIL 15th, 2023

Hosted by Winterberry Parent Guild

Festival Of Courage, September 29, 2022

Hosted by Faculty 

During the School Day, Time TBD

What to Bring?

Apples and Bread to share.

What to Wear? RED!

Lantern Walk on a Friday evening, November 19th 2022

Hosted by Faculty 

At School, Friday Evening, Time 6:30pm

What to Bring?

Votive Candles for Lanterns, Firewood and Cider to share.

What to Wear? Warm Clothes! Headlamp! 

Family Dance, 
October 7, 2022
Winterberry Beautiful
Bazaar,  Nov. 12th, 2022

Hosted by WPG 

Winterberry Charter School

4802 Bryn Mawr Court.

Winter All-School Assembly
an Evening the week before winter break in D
ecember 2022

Hosted by Faculty 

Friday Evening, Time: Students to arrive by 6:15.  Allow time for traffic and parking.  Starts Promptly at 6:30pm.  Location: Wendy Williamson Auditorium at UAA Campus. 

What to Bring?

Warm hearts and Ready Voices!

What to Wear?  Dress ready to be on stage - not formal, just nice :).   Don't forget your smile! 

Winterberry Back To School Potluck 2017

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